Are you ready for school?

Roommate assignments have been received and the family room is overflowing with stuff bound for college. For parents and students alike, especially first-time students, emotions are probably running high.

There are the obvious items that you have already checked off your college “must have” list – food, clothes, bedding and laundry detergent. Items often overlooked are batteries for laptops, jump boxes, cell phones and computer power banks. Like any product that requires batteries, over time laptops and cell phone batteries will no longer hold a charge and those pieces of equipment won’t function at optimal capacity.

What could be more frustrating than taking a laptop or tablet into a 3-hour class and having the battery die 2 hours into the class? What will your child do? They have enough first time experiences to work through – being away from home, time management, meeting new friends and a difficult class schedule to name a few. Why add frustration to the experience when you can send them off with optimal battery power?

Extend the life of your PC with these tips:

Reduce the LCD’s brightness level. Adjust the brightness if you use your laptop outdoors on a sunny day or in a well-lit area. Use the built-in power management settings. If you are using Windows XP, click the “Power Option’s 

Disable Bluetooth. Bluetooth can drain your battery. If you don’t use this feature, simply disable and switch it off.

Switch off the wireless card. Like Bluetooth, wireless consumes a lot of energy. Disable the Wi-Fi if you’re on the go or do not plan on accessing your network or internet connection.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Heat is a battery killer and will shorten the life of your battery. Try to charge and use the battery at room temperatures. 

Turn the volume level down or mute it when not in use.

Shut down or hibernate rather than using sleep. If you don’t plan on using your laptop for a few hours, use the hibernate mode rather than sleep mode to conserve more battery power. Sleep mode continues to drain power while hibernate doesn’t use any power at all.

Reduce the number of open tasks. Instead of leaving multiple applications and windows open, use only what you need at any given time. By single-tasking, PC memory avoids overload and this saves on the drain of your laptop’s battery.

Remove the battery and clean the metal contacts. Clean the battery’s metal contacts with rubbing alcohol with a damp cloth. Allow the battery to dry thoroughly before replacing it.

Battery Giant Rochester Hills is all about saving you money and getting you on the right track for back to school. We have everything you need to get powered up for this school year.

  • Laptop Batteries
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  • Electric Pencil Sharpener Batteries
  • Portable Speaker Batteries
  • Wireless Mouse Batteries
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  • Portable Back Up Power Supply
  • Computer Repair and Diagnostics
  • And so much more!

If you are in the Rochester Hills, Rochester, Auburn Hills, Shelby Township, Oakland Township and all of Oakland County, we can help you find the battery that is right for you. For more information about our Rochester Hills location visit or call us at 248-759-4231 for more information on the best selection of premium, long-lasting batteries available. Be sure to LIKE our Battery Giant Rochester Hills Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter. Please stop in and say hello at our store at 1178 Walton Boulevard in Rochester Hills. We look forward to serving your replacement battery and repair needs in the future.

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